Castro’s Claims About The CIA Were Correct


When I read Fidel Castro’s  autobiography I was skeptical.  Fidel described what seemed impossible efforts by the CIA to undermine his government.  Worse yet, Fidel suggested that these action of the CIA were done without permission of President Kennedy., actually in an effort to undermine Kennedy!

Then I read an account of the life of Antonio Veciana, the CIA’s man in Havana during the 1960s..

 The story in Newsweek relates Vecenia’s tale that, as a CIA agent embedded in the Communist government, he firebombed the Havana’s largest department store and plotted to kill Castro with a bazooka. Later, after fleeing to the US,  Vecenia  funneled CIA funds to a network of Miami-based counter-revolutionaries who carried out an armed revolt against the Cuban government.

As an undercover agent, Veciana  used stolen funds to fund attacks on government offices, security outposts, factories and warehouses. This included to distribute propaganda, alt news, falsely announcing the government planned to take custody of school-age children. That ruse panicked thousands of Cuban families and drove many of them in 1962 to send their children to South Florida, where the Catholic Church welcomed them. They called it Operation Pedro Pan, and U.S. newspapers depicted it as a selfless effort to rescue the victims of Communist oppression.

Castro was correct! 

The scariest part is the story about Kennedy and Oswald.  Vecenia describes interactions with Oswald that  undermine the conclusions of the Warren Commission,that describe Oswald as a lone nut. Vecenia describes interactions between   Oswald and constant attention from half a dozen top CIA officers before November 22, 1963.

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