Antisemitism After Pittsburgh

Pence introduced a phony rabbi to pray for the victims of the Pittsburgh massacre. “Rabbi” Loren is no more a Rabbi then I am a member of the British royal family.

This is bitter, ugly antisemitism.

Here are “Rabbi” Loren’s credentials.

Credentials matter a lot in Judaism.  Our tradition says that a council of scribes passed on the Jewish law from the time of Aaron.

History says this was at least true 2500 years ago. The scribes decided what books do and do not belong in the Jewish canon.

By Roman times the tradition was threatened because Rome appointed its own choices  as Jewish priests.  The Pharisees arose among the scribes to preserve Judiasm agianst the imposed changes form these Roman sycophants.

Ironically, much of the Christian bible is a reflection of the fight the Pharisees had against this Roman chosen priesthood.  As a Roman religion, the Christian had to place blame on the Jews. The Pharisees were even blamed for the crucifixion .. a unique Roman punishment for people convicted of sedition.

ADDING TO THE PAIN Someone ordered memorials for the 11 victims. The meorials, of course, were crosses. Someone them added stars of David.

The demonization of the Pharisees by the Christian bible is a major source for the two millennia of antisemitism leading to the holocaust.

The great teacher among the Pharisees was Hillel.  A large part of the beauty in the Gospels, comes from Hillel’s teachings.   Jesus, whatever else Christians believe him to be, taught the lessons of the Pharisees to preserve Judaism even under the brutal occupation by Rome.  Denying the validity of the Rabbinic tradition denies Jesus’ most valued teachings.

In 70 AD, faced with destruction of the Temple and of Judaism itself Yohanan ben Zakkai, one of Hillel’s proteges, was smuggled out of the city as it burned.  Yohanan ben Zakkai made a deal with the Romans.  They had banned all Jews form Jerusalem .. a ban that remained in place for 700 years. The ban went further as Roman became Christian turning the Temple Mount into a garbage heap.  This went on until the Caliph Omar liberated the city from  the Christians, and invited us back.  Meanwhile, under Yohanan ben Zakkai’s deal, an academy had been built outside Jerusalem to train teachers, the rabbis, who would learn the law and take it across the world to teach in synagogues.  The academies of Rabbi Yohanan moved back into the city where many still exist today.

There are rabbis today, people who have been trained by other rabbis in yeshivas, with a wide range of beliefs.  There could even be a renegade, like Sabbatai Zvi who embraced Islam, who turned from Judaism.  Such a renegade might be despised by Jews, but at least he could claim the title of “rabbi.:

This man, this “Rabbi Loren,” is an out and out fraud.  Calling him a rabbis is pure hatred of Judaism.


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