Castro on Education Versus Consumer Goods

Quotes shared via Kindle:
“Well, I’d tell them that the consumer society is one of the most frightening, terrifying inventions of developed capitalism today in this phase of neoliberal globalization. It is disastrous, just awful, because I try to imagine 1.3 billion Chinese with the per capita number of cars that the United States has … I can’t imagine India, with its more than 1 billion inhabitants, living in a consumer society; I can’t imagine the 600 million people who live in sub-Saharan Africa, who don’t even have electricity and in some places more than 80 per cent of whom don’t know how to read and write, in a consumer society.””
“But citizens also need material goods, don’t you think? Yes, of course. I don’t minimize, in the slightest, the importance of material needs—you always have to give them first priority, because in order to study, to achieve a higher quality of life, certain needs have to be…

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