SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Sorry Luke .. the Jesus in Josphus doesn’t seem to be YOUR Jesus

A FB religious fanatic. Luke Lefebvre ,(what I call a Godder) insists that the historian Josephus mentions Jesus . This is important to  Luke Lefebvre because he is worried that the skeptics claim there are no contemporary Roman records of Jesus ever existing.  Luke is correct but not in the way he would like to be correct.

The name Jesus is in Josephus as many as 3 times (depending on the copy). The only one that is accepted by scholars is a sort of by the way about James. This says that James was stoned to death for blasphemy, claiming that his brother was a God. Might be true but there are five problems: 1. Many people at that time claiming to be the messiah.  2. The name Joshua was very common. 3. If a Joshua had claimed to be God or the son of God, the Sadducees (NOT the Pharisees as they were not in power) would have had him stoned to death without any need for involving Pilate.  4. Since crucifixion was used 
only by the Romans for cases of sedition, either the Joshua in Josephus is not Jesus or the Bible is very wrong.  5. Josephus mentions someone named Jesus and discusses many groups of Jews with different religious views … BUT he never mentions any “Christians.” Merry Christmas.

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