Defending the rights to do business while Jewish.

Avi Ibrahim Balser FACEBOOK I believe in total freedom to do business with whomever you please. That should be no law demanding that your do business with people you don’t want to do business with. That would be cruel tyranny. Yes sometimes life is not freaking fair. Live with it.

I will fight for the rights of the LGBT, at all other minority communities, Etc. However, and that’s a big however, the rest of the people also have rights. The rights of a minority person, or a gay person do not trump the rights of other people.

We all have rights. We all have a right 2 refuse to do something that we find repugnant for either religious or moral reasons. It is irrelevant if 99% of the people think that it is fine. As long as the person feels that this activity would be repugnant to him, he has a right to decline period to take away that right would be oppressive and discriminatory against him.

I don’t care how ridiculous his idea is to everyone else. For instance, if a rabbi, pastor, priest, or Imam has a problem with marrying people who are spread apart in age more than they should be in his particular opinion, he should have the right to refuse to marry them. I think it is ridiculous. I think if an 18 year old wants to marry an 80 year old that should be fine and nobody’s business. But I will fight for the clergyman’s right to say no. And that case that has nothing to do with religion it just has to do with it is repugnant in his mind.

No law should ever require anyone to do something that is repugnant to them.

The only exception that I make to that, would be if someone took a position in the government, and his job description in the government is to marry people or issue marriage licenses. Then he must issue them to whoever is legally qualified, and he may not in any way refuse to do his job because of personal feelings.
If you don’t believe you can marry any couple who is legally qualified to marry, then don’t take the job. But that is only in the public sector, meaning government. It is totally different in the private sector.

The government has no right to interfere with how you do business or with whom you choose to do business. I was very disappointed that the court was unable to make a statement affirming that,

And no, we do not have to serve anyone who walks into our place of business. If I own a restaurant, let’s say a Jewish kosher restaurant, we are 90% of my customers were Jewish, I would refuse to serve a person who came in wearing swastikas and signs saying Hitler is my hero. That would be my right to ask him to leave. Why? Because that would hurt my business. His presence would make my other customers leave because they would be too uncomfortable to stay and eat. The Nazi wants to eat in my restaurant does not have the right to stay and ruin my business. I have a right to ask him to leave, and refuse to serve him.

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