Krauthammer: That’s all she wrote, folks

Influential conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer announced Friday he’s lost his battle against cancer, has only a few weeks to live, and has written his last column.

Krauthammer, 68, is an Oxford and Harvard-educated psychiatrist who became a quadraplegic in college as a result of a diving board accident.

He became involved in politics in the 1970s, and worked on psychiatric research in the Carter administration, then was a speechwriter for Vice President Mondale, before transitioning into political commentary after Reagan became president. He has been a Washington Post columnist since 1985 and won a Pulitzer Prize in 1987.

Born into an Orthodox Jewish family, of a Ukrainian father and Belgian mother, and fluent in French as a result of growing up in Montreal, his forte was foreign policy and he opposes extremism of both right and left.

According to Wikipedia, “Krauthammer refused to vote for Donald Trump, and believes there is evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government.”

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