Another Day, Another School, 10 More Dead Kids

Law enforcement sources confirm “multiple fatalities” at the high school in Santa Fe, Texas (near Galveston) and say a shooter is in custody. News sources report 9 deaths and say an officer was injured.

Meanwhile, President Trump is heading today to an NRA speaking engagement, seeking votes of people who’ve made death threats against victims of other classroom slaughters because they advocate gun control as a way to be safe in their classrooms.

What do I think? I think America’s gun culture has to come to an end, even if it takes a Constitutional Amendment. Countries with stringent gun laws, e.g. Australia and Canada, don’t experience the carnage we do, nor are they under the heel of tyrants or overrun by crime. That should tell you we’re doing it wrong.

These tragedies are being foisted on us by a tiny minority with disproportionate influence over Congress and state legislatures. Fewer than a third of Americans own guns, with over half the guns owned by 3% of the population. The NRA, which claims 5 million members, represents no more than 1.5% of the population. But they somehow manage to dictate the unregulated proliferation of guns the rest of us have to live with.

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