Trump Turns Down the DMZ to Meet Kim

No Golf Courses in the DMZ!

After watching the celebrated meeting between President Moon Jae-in with North Korea’s dear leader, The Donald  has rethought previously saying he’d like to hold his summit with Kim Jong-un at the DMZ border between North and South Korea.

Trump is not so good at staging impressive events unless they focus on the One.   That leaves Singapore as the odds-on favorite. The Washington Post’s David Nakamura explains why: “Trump mentioned it publicly last week along with DMZ, and ruled out DMZ today. S’pore has diplomatic relations with North Korea and a DPRK embassy there.

S’pore regularly facilitates ‘third country’ diplomacy in Asia.  Undoubtedly Trump will take the chance to shine in the glories of the ohso grand capitalist (and rather conservative) city state!

Sadly, Singapore does not have its own Trump Golf Course, especially since Kim Jung Un claims to have the world’s record for holes in onePerhaps Trump will invite Kim to the Trump golf course Lido City in nearby Indonesia? 

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