Being a Trump Female Visiting Saudi Arabia

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I WAS IN SAUDI ARABIA a few years ago and this would be worth your time to read.

There is a place in the center of Riyadh called “CHOP CHOP SQUARE”. This is where, on Fridays, various body parts are chopped off.. Fingers, hands, heads etc, or other forms of torture are inflicted depending on what crime you committed. This is done publically and if you are a tourist you are asked to come to the front so you can tell other people about it.
If you are a woman, and a tourist, you still have to wear a burka but you don’t have to cover your head so that’s how they now you are not a Saudi.
I saw the square, but had no intention of witnessing anything of the torture.
Women have to be covered head to toe. Some even wear these grotesque metal masks to cover their faces. You are required to wear gloves too so no skin is showing at all. A friend of mine was kicked out of the shopping mall by the religious police because her ankle showed when she walked. They wouldn’t let her back in.
There is no dating, like going to a movie, or a sports event with women. Women can only go to the zoo on “WOMENS DAY”. That’s the day they put the elephant away just in case the elephant’s penis may be out.
Since dating is prohibited and obviously no pre-marital sex, the men like little boys…it’s sickening!!!!
I was told by the man that picked me up from the airport, that I could have been put in jail. WHY??? Because I wasn’t wearing a burka and I was in a car with a man that wasn’t my husband.
Women are not allowed to work, so, if you go to the mall there are only men behind the counters, including underwear departments.
Obviously women have NO rights and can’t even consider driving a car or ever being in a car with any man except their husband.
And by the way, talking to a Saudi, the Muslim plan is to populate the world. The refugee “crisis” is part of their plan to infiltrate all countries. This quote was from a Muslim to me.
SO ALL OF YOU THAT WERE PARADING AROUND IN PUSSY HATS AND OUTFITS, do you want to tell me again, what you are protesting???? Do you really think Saudi Arabia or the middle east is going to change because you wear a stupid hat on your head??? You are lucky to be in America and you have ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT…Count your blessings and get on with your lives! Life is short, quit complaining and do something constructive that will help America be a better country.
You have nothing to complain about except that Hillary lost. For God’s sake, read my post….Think about the horrors going on in our world and you can’t deal with a political loss??? WOW!

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