Jeaus vs G-D

Jesus vs G-D

One problem non-scientists fail to understand is that “science” is not a community of unrelated disciplines. Science is a series of interlocking disciplines. So, while I am not a “climate scientist,” I am a life scientist and I know that my colleagues who do quantum mechanics, astronomy, or organic chemistry use the same principles I do.  We differ in our specific expertise, they have knowledge and skills that I do not have.

The problem with science denial .. climate denial or creationism’s .. is that the practitioners they are not scientists. Denying evolution or climate science is denial the entire edifice.
So, could the science  behind climate theory fail? OF COURSE. However, it is not folks like the Radical Republicans  who will be able to say that .. it will be other scientists.
In a sense we, the scientists, have taken over the role once played by the priests.  Before the enlightenment, the priests had the truth.  The state enforced that belief to keep pubic order .. denial was called blasphemy.  Denial of truth then meant being called a heretic, leading either to revolution or massacre by the Inquisition.  Today’s blasphemy means we all suffer from disease spread by refusal to use vaccines and disastrous changes in our climate.  

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