Saudi Arabia GIFTS US with new Air Force One!


Following President Trump’s historic visit, the Saudi Government has searched deeply for an appropriate gift to the new US President.  Noting Mr. Trump’s concern for the price of a new 747 to replace his aging Air plane, Prince Alaweed has donate his own 747 as a replacement! 

The 747 R was custom built for the Prince by Boeing in Seattle.  In addition to a throne, the plane contains many other unique features including a hot tub, dining room that seats 12, a master bed room, and 4 guest rooms for Mrs. Trump, the president’s daughter, and her husband.  The halal kitchen on the plane has been refitted to offer kosher food for the Kushners.

The Prince who has previously owned both the 747 and an Airbus A380, is planning to replace his palatial jet with a plane being custom built by Amazon in collaboration with Tesla.

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