Tomi Lahren being Tomi Lahren

Comment: Tomi Lahren, 25, has been described as a “rising star” of conservative media. (She’s also been called a “rightwing bimbo”; this video shows why.) A South Dakota native, she’s a college graduate with a B.A. in journalism and political science (from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas), and interned for a Republican congresswoman before plunging into TV commentary with both feet. Her commentaries are characterized by immaturity, snarkiness, and a general lack of knowledge about pretty much everything.

What she has going for her is a certain youthful appeal and a pretty face, which apparently is enough for the outfits that employ her. This summer, she achieved the big time when Fox News joined that list.

When the so-called “liberal” media put someone on the air as a commentator about events of the day, it’s invariably someone who’s either involved in the story, is a seasoned journalist, or a credentialed expert (e.g., a retired general commenting on military affairs, a prominent economist, or a specialist scholar). Invariably, they are people with depth of knowledge and long experience in the subject matter. In short, they know what they’re talking about.

Conservative media does thing differently. The skills they need are (a) ability to read from a script, and (b) a capacity to “dumb down” the subject. That’s why Tomi Lahren has a job. They hired a child to talk to their audiences of children.


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