Trump’s IQ test

Remember when Trump challenged his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, to an IQ test? (Personally, I think Tillerson would win.) Well, here’s an IQ challenge for Trump: If he has any brains, he’ll reappoint Janet Yellen.

“Keeping Yellen would plainly serve Trump’s political interests. Yellen’s stewardship of the Fed has kept the recovery on track, stimulated inflation-free economic growth, and even permitted a little wage growth despite the wreckage of unions and the loss of labor power in the gig economy. The result is also record stock market levels. Yellen is one of Obama’s best appointees, and perhaps the best Fed chair ever. Thanks to Yellen, Trump enjoys bragging rights for an economic boom not of his own making.”

B-u-t …

“For one thing, there’s the inescapable, galling fact that Trump’s nemesis, Barack Obama, appointed her. For another, Yellen is a liberal Democrat. And third, Yellen found the economic sweet spot by combining strong financial regulation with low interest rates. Tough regulation is not exactly Trump’s thing.”

So, my guess is Trump will flunk this IQ test. Read story here.

Photo: Do you want this moron appointing our next Federal Reserve chief?

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