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Oops. Trump Just Invented Socialized Medicine

Trumpcare Is Like Obamacare, but Even Worse The GOP health plan tacitly accepts Obamacare’s central premise: that governments should micromanage insurance markets.[...]

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Senate “health care” bill favors the rich, screws the poor

Analysis by two Washington think tanks reveals the Senate “health care” bill (put in quotes because it’s really a disguised tax cut from the rich) is indeed skewed to the rich; it would benefit only households with income exceeding $75,000 a year, with most of the benefit going to [...]

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The Earth in 1893

And some people’s knowledge of science hasn’t changed much since then. The blurb reads: “MAP OF THE SQUARE AND STATIONARY EARTH. BY PROF. ORLANDO FERGUSON, HOT SPRINGS, SOUTH DAKOTA. Four Hundred Passages in the Bible that Condemns the Globe Theory, or the Flying Earth, and None Su[...]

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A Nigerian Talks Of Being Black In America

Hi! I’m Vincent, a Nigerian citizen fortunate enough to be a member of the MIT Class of 2017. » ** I moved to the United States of America three years ago. Packed all my belongings into four luggage bags, rolled into a car with my five siblings and my mom and my dad. Suddenly, I […][...]

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US lawmakers are trying to stop the sale of the Chicago Stock Exchange to Chinese buyers  JARED KUSHNER TRIED AND FAILED TO GET A HALF-BILLION DOLLAR BAILOUT FROM QATAR  Donald Trump Jr. Defends His Meeting With A Kremlin-Connected Lawyer ‘NEVER HAPPENED, WOULD NEVER HAPPEN’ … After Trum[...]

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Where Climate Denial Leads

When Will the Planet Be Too Hot for Humans? Much, Much Sooner Than You Imagine. Plague, famine, heat no human can survive. This is not science fiction but what scientists, when they’re not being cautious, fear could be our future. NYMAG.COM Long but worth a read.  The author tries to show a range[...]