Microsoft and China Collaborate to Create Big Brother OS?

Microsoft has built a version of Windows 10 tailored for China’s government and state-owned corporations, baking into the operating system greater control for administrators , Chinese state control over how the OS handles privacy and a pledge to not send any data outside of the country. The Chinese state version of Windows will support  strict government control of the internet.

 The new Windows version was developed by CMIT, a joint venture between Microsoft and state-owned China Electronics Technology Group CETC. CMIT will handle all system updates for the operating system, and none of the data on the operating system’s performance will leave China, Bloomberg reported.

“We are aware this could be perceived as a sensitive issue but it’s quite appropriate for a sovereign country, within its own computer system and its own employees to have its own encryption systems,” Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices.

“The Chinese government has the highest standards for security and trust,” he said.

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