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President Trump’s Approval Ratings    35% Tuesday The approval ratings produced by Quinnipiac University are a drop from the last national poll, released March 22, which showed Trump’s approval at 37%. Trump’s ratings fall under former President Barack Obama’s lowest — 38% in 201[...]

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Stanford Announces …Human can be Spiderman!


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Why We Have A Homeless Problem

The Margin Dwellers  From The Blog Quixotic A word of advice to aspiring reporters: Don’t ever volunteer for the poverty beat. It’ll tear the heart out of you. Meet Jennifer Allison (on the left). She’s the manager at the Georgian Motel on Aurora Ave N. in Seattle. She’s lived there for t[...]

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Lab Work is Bad For You!


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BUCHENWALD 144: 72 Years later and my brother is still trying to destroy the pictures of the liberation of Buchenwald

Ken Waltzer on Facebook: The Boys of Buchenwald A group of boys in block 66 at Buchenwald were led out of the camp the day before liberation (April 10) and put on a train to nowhere, which meandered east and south until finally liberated some three weeks later near Terezin. These included many of th[...]

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Is the “Revolution” Over?

Bernie’s “Revolition” continues to fail: setback in Calif. special election   After losing his battle for the nomination, Bernie’s  movement failed in elections across the US.  All but one of his followers lost their races for Congress and that one, our own Pramila Jayapal[...]

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Seattle, WA – Bertha, one of the world’s largest tunnel boring machines, emerged north of downtown Seattle on Tuesday shrouded in clouds of dust and chunks of falling concrete, completing the most difficult phase of a plan to build a highway under the heart of the city. The breakthrough of t[...]

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Next Monday, April 10th, DL-Fremont’s feature guest is Andrew Villeneuve, Washington State’s most effective progressive public policy advocate. 14 years ago, before he was old enough to shave, Andrew founded the Northwest Progressive Institute, with the goal of improving the lives of nor[...]

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Trump Blames Obama Administration For Syria Gas Attack Russia and Assad Blame Rebels For Gas Attack Killing Children  Putin Calls Trump’s Attack an Syria a ‘Significant Blow’ to Relationship[...]

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China’s Jack Ma says the US wasted trillions on warfare instead of investing in infrastructure

If America is looking to blame anyone for its economy, it should blame itself.  Ma said,  “It’s not that other countries steal jobs from you guys.  American multinational companies made millions and millions of dollars from globalization,” Ma said. “The past 30 years, IBM,[...]