BREAKING NEWS: Trump Ally Loses IRS Tax Exemption

BREAKING NEWS:  Richard  Spencer  popularized the term “alt-right,” a broad label that defines a new generation of white nationalists who support Trump but deny being Nazis. 
Spencer denies he is a fascist or Nazi, preferring the term “identitarian,”   Trump has refused to criticize Spencer and his ilk, despite Spencer’s profound acts of holocaust denial.

Now. presumably below the radar coming from Steve Bannon and Steve Miller in the Trump enclave in the White House,   the IRS  has revoked the tax-exempt status of Spencer’s group. The National Policy Institute lost its tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit because it failed to file tax returns for three consecutive years. Spencer blames the IRS , claiming the IRS, under Obama, led him to believe the National Policy Institute was not required to file tax returns.

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