Our Thought Process

Recently I saw the video below online. According to the caption these two niggas are supposedly arguing over a cell phone. I have seen the video on both social platforms that I use, Facebook and Instagram, multiple times.

My first thought of the video was, “Nigga, you don’t pull out a gun if you aren’t going to use it!” That is common sense where I come from, hell based on the captions and comments posted to the video, it is common sense in any hood.

Although I am from the hood, I am not a so-called “Hood Nigga” and I am not claiming to act like I know everything about the streets, but I do know that he fucked up. That thought process is what we must change. Most Black males that commented on the video justified the man’s death based on his cardinal error. Very few comments by Black males expressed any sympathy. We are so accustomed to this way of life, that we critique this guy like we were watching a game of basketball.

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