Nigerian Strife: The Civil War Continues


All these people talking are agents of biafra. Ogonna does not know the history of the creation of biafra, which led to the nigeria civil war. Augustine Ogwuche is from Enegwu state. As an agent to place Idoma in biafra, they gave him Idoma name. Chinazor, you already acknowledged that you were a biafran war survivor.

So, facebook friends, what else do I say to these agents on the biafra side. Afterall we are also facing the same agents of this cult on the northern side. My prayer is, dont be fooled by these cult, using religion and fear as their tool. They even used El Rufai to demolish my eleven houses in Abuja. This was after they used Meek Agoro, an Igbo wife of Yoruba to poison my food and I survived the attack here in London. I did not know El Rufai was going to demolish houses until I heard Lanre Agoro boasting about it during my trial, a daughter of Jerusalem, was going to be sacrificed by Canaanite witches. God saved my life that night. I survived the poison. Two days later, El Rufai started the demolition of my eleven houses in Abuja. I called them on my phone but they all switched off their phones for three days.

Facebook friends, El Rufai is also their agent. So why wont the northern branch of the cult, using the cover of fulani herdsmen kill our Christian brothers and sisters in Kaduna. What else can I say? They go about like the roaring lion seeking who to devour. That is how the bible described them. Agents of the devil. What have I to do with you?

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