Jerk harasses hijab wearer

On Saturday, Asma Elhuni, 39, an American-born graduate student and legislative assistant, was sitting in Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop in Atlanta, Georgia, and minding her own business when Rob Koehler of Columbus, Georgia, apparently offended by her hijab, starting taking pictures of her.

When she asked him why he was photographing her, he sat himself down at her table, introduced himself as “Rob from Detroit,” struck a pose of familiarity, and accused her of overreacting and called her a “bitch” and asked her if she has a “green card.” Elhuni says she recorded him because she felt threatened, and her video has now gone viral.

Koehler apparently felt chastened after he was identified and outed on the internet, because he later issued a public apology and said, “Thank you, Asma, I have learned and I will grow from this experience.” Yeah, I’ll bet he did. There’s nothing like embarrassing publicity to motivate a good Christian man to see the light and go to Jesus. As for Asma, she rejected his apology and said she wants nothing to do with him.

Comment: This kind of attitude used to be repressed, but now that we have a racist squatting in the White House, these people feel they can now let their ignorance hang out. Read the story here and here, and watch the video below.

Photo: Asma Elhuni



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