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Russia arrests top manager at Kaspersky cybersecurity firm on treason charge

Ruslan Stoyanov, head of of Kaspersky Labs computer incidents investigations unit, was arrested in December. Stoyanov and a senior Russian FSB intelligence officer  face charges of treason. U.S. intelligence agencies have accused Russia of meddling in the November presidential election through hack[...]

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Baghdad Bob 2.0 denies women marched against Trump

“At his first official press conference Monday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer claimed the Women’s March on Washington that drew millions of protesters around the world over the weekend wasn’t necessarily directed at Donald Trump. In particular, Spicer said, ‘A lot [...]

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Sign seen at inauguration


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A tale of two handshakes

Conservatives often tried to belittle President Obama as disrespectful to veterans. Now watch this video. The man in the wheelchair is Robert Dole, 93, a retired Republican politician (U.S. senator and presidential candidate) who was badly wounded in World War 2 fighting the Nazis.[...]

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Mr Rightish Friend Tries to Reassure me about The Don

“Bob” Tells me not to worry until the Don Suspends the 2020 Election So, tell Bob that my worries are more realistic then that. I will panic when the Donald  shells one of China’s islands, or Duterte expels US forces from the Philippines, or Putin invades Ukraine, or a fascist com[...]

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Trump will attempt to lead

“Here’s a data-based analysis of the kind of country Trump will attempt to lead, most of whom do not buy his solutions.” David Brewster Despite the election of Trump, the country has been moving leftward. The election doesn’t overturn these developments, though it does point [...]

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Trump declares war on environmentalists

President Trump has declared war on environmentalists and the environment. This morning, as his first major assault on the environment, he approved the Keystone and Dakota pipelines with a pen stroke. Then, when a reporter asked him about Native American and other protesters opposing the Dakota pipe[...]

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A Parable for Kellyanne Conway

Once upon a time there was a little white privileged girl named Kelleyanne. Kellyanne was so pleased with her privilege that she believed whatever she could make up was a fact. After all her mentors Jack Kemp, Fred Thompson, Dan Quayle, Newt Gingrich encouraged her to be inventive through their ster[...]

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Brexit Up for a Vote?

Britain’s Supreme Court rules Parliament must have a say on Brexit The ruling creates a potential hurdle for Prime Minister Theresa May, but is not expected to block the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union.  [...]