Trump’s nominee for Sec Ed has NEVER visited a public school

John Kilpatrick FACEBOOK
 K-12 education hit me square in the head twice today. First, this morning, I heard a bit of the testimony of Betsy DeVos, the billionaire nominee for U.S. Secretary of Education. She testified she’s never set foot in a public school. She was educated in private schools, as were her children. She’s never served on a school board or had any interaction with public education. Now, some would suggest this is a good thing — that she can be a change agent, given the problem with public schools. I spend a lot of my professional life solving problems, and I can tell you it’s helpful to go look at the problem and understand it before you start tossing out solutions.

I was also hit with a report on the failures of our educational system in Alabama. It is currently estimated that 25% of Alabamans are functionally illterate, despite the mandate that all Alabamans attend school. Before you point fingers, this report didn’t come from a yankee think tank aimed at defaming Alabama, but rather from the Education School at the University of Alabama itself. (read it here, if you like — So we have it, folks. I concur that public education in the U.S. is in turmoil. However, I usually wouldn’t hire a tee-toadler to manage a liquor store.

(Oh, and by the way, Ms. DeVos has never taken out a student loan, and admits total personal ignorance on the Trillion dollar problem with student loans in America.)

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