GOP chief threatens ethics watchdog

Reince Preibus, chair of the Republican National Committee and soon to become White House Chief of Staff, doesn’t like Walter Schaub, director of the Office of Government Ethics, calling for President-Elect Trump to divest his far-flung business interests before assuming office.

Priebus complained Sunday that Schaub “ought to be careful” because he’s “becoming extremely political.” Well, you know, political corruption is always political, isn’t it?

Even worse, Preibus says, Shaub supported Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. “So I’m not sure what … sort of standing he has any more in giving these opinions,” he said.

The last time Republicans controlled the White House and House of Representatives, they put a GOP congressman (Doc Hastings, R-WA) in charge of ethics, who was tasked with sweeping Republican scandals under the rug.

This time, Trump isn’t even in office yet, and the cover up efforts have already started.

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