Trump Announces Melania Trump As Head of Infrastructure Plan


Mrs Trump has long has special interests in her own infrastructure

President Elect Trump is sending a simple message for Democrats especially legal immigrants.

“I am so happy that Democrats are embracing my husband’s  infrastructure plan. ”

“As an immigrant from Slovenia. I will pay special attention to being sure that women get equal pay for the special talents they bring to our infrastructure efforts”

President Trump’s plan is very different from the failed efforts of the Obama administration.  The Trump plan doesn’t directly fund new roads, bridges, water systems or airports, instead the  Trump’s plan provides tax breaks for efforts that build American pride.

Trump Ladies are chosen for the elegance.

Trump Ladies are chosen for the elegance.

Mrs. Trump has already met with the CEO’s of American airlines to upgrade the sad conditions in the airline clubs to meet international standards.  The effort will be joined by a new inattentive by the Trump Organization to create elite “Club Trumps” in American airports. The first lady says that s\he is excited that these new facilities will create great well paying jobs for women working in the clubs.

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