On Trump: He won the election because people, like myself, are tired.

Can I tell you all that not one Russian, or a Russian representative, ever called me or sent me a piece of mail or contacted me through any social media to sway my vote toward Trump? It never happened! I voted for Trump, and I don’t care who knows or who gets mad or who thinks that my decision was incorrect, because I was and I am tired. As a white man, I am tired of being looked at as a racist just because I am white. As a white man, I am tired of being looked at as a sexist, or a homophobic accepting idiot. I was tired of hearing the broken promises of presidents past, the most recent being Obama. I am white but I am not a racist, I am not a sexist. I don’t care who a person sleeps with or if two men or two women get married. I am concerned about the poverty in our country. But I am also worried about the freedoms of all people, freedoms that must be protected and cherished. I do think that no matter what color you are, that you if you something wrong then you need to face the punishment. I am aware and against any form of brutality and abuse and murder by any level and our many different law enforcement agencies and I think there needs to be reform so that one group is not imprisoned above any other group. Women, go do what you want. I am for that but don’t expect me to buy into all of the feminist doctrines because I will not, and unless we forget-I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DISAGREE and yet STILL BE PRO WOMEN, PRO CIVIL RIGHTS, and so forth. I am not a fan of big government or the slippery slope that our government has taken in making spying on us Americans as a justifiable act in the face of terrorism and the war on drugs. But that does not mean that I will not stand up against an injustice when I see one or hear about one. Let Trump do his job and so all you Obama supporters and Hilary supporters, and other democrats, stop having sour grapes. WE THE PEOPLE WILL HOLD TRUMP ACCOUNTABLE so let him do his job. He won the election because people, like myself, are tired.

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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    Sounds like you voted against everything you’re for, and for everything you’re against.