Get to Eat Dinner with Trump’s Best Wealthy Friends

trump-and-trumpiesToday’s Email from the Donald

Yeh, Bill Clinton and Barack used this gimmick too. BUT, they invited the winner to eat with a a small group
around a table.  Sadly I never won.

The Donald is a lot more clever.  He wants to raffle off a chance to eat with wealthy donors at some $5000 t0 $200,oo0 a plate dinner.  So, he can get a dozen or so folks to sit in a grand room, seated with the wealthy.  If he gets enough donations. at $30/plate for boiled chicken, the Donald may even make a profit!

Read the terms, they are so business savyy.  In Obama’s raffle, the campaign brought you out, bought you an air ticket  and  paid for a hotel room. Then you got to have pic with Barack and sit with maybe a dozen others.  The Donald only offers to pay for the chicken and then to sit you with a few hundred wealthy donors.


Please find a special message from one of our advertisers, Trump Make America Great Again Committee.

Make America Great Again

STEPHEN,This is your last chance to enter to win dinner with me. But you only have 24 hours to enter.

Contribute $3 to be automatically entered to win.

You’ll get to attend one of my fundraisers where you’ll get dinner with me as my special guest.

At Hillary Clinton’s closed-door fundraisers, guests pay $250,000 to listen to her belittle tens of millions of hard-working and patriotic Americans as a “basket of deplorables.”

But at our fundraisers, I sit with and listen to those very Americans Hillary had the audacity to belittle and write off as “deplorable” humans who don’t belong in her America.

This election is about change. Real change. It’s about giving a voice to the Silent Majority who have watched the political elite run our country into the ground.

Unlike Hillary, I want to hear your concerns. I want to hear your ideas. I want to hear your vision for a freer, safer, and more prosperous America.

Now join me, STEPHEN, as my special guest for dinner at our next fundraiser.

All I’m asking you is to contribute $3 in the next 24 hours to be automatically entered.

Thank you and God bless you,

Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

Disclaimer: This is a special promotion offered and verified by Donald J. Trump to get dinner with him at one of his fundraisers as his special guest.

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