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THE Ave Challenge: Who Is It?


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Florida Sen. Marco Rubio breaks silence, sticks by Donald Trump The Florida senator said he’ll keep supporting Donald Trump despite the presidential nominee’s “offensive rhetoric and behavior” towards women. USATODAY.COM[...]

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And Now The Jews

DAILY KOS: We knew this was coming. It came in his speech tonight. Donald Trump lashed out at global elites who undermine American sovereignty through “international banks” — and many observers couldn’t help but notice the underlying anti-Semitic message. * * * Throughout the speech, Trump u[...]

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Typhoon Hits Seattle Tonight

Mega-storm packing 150 mph winds and 50-foot waves set to pummel West Coast  Packing 150 mph sustained winds, a storm some meteorologists are calling the “biggest storm in history” will hit coastal regions of the U.S. this Saturday,generating 45-foot waves, and dumping multiple feet of rainfall[...]

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What if Trump Were Black?


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While Hillary Clinton surges in the polls and Trump implodes, the Bernieoids are still licking their wounds or even campaigning aginst Democrats.   Meanwhile in Senate races, Democrats are actually losing ground, according to respected pollster Nate Silver.  Seats where there is a real chance in[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Planka

Planka.  This word in Swedish supposedly has no meaning in English.  Can you guess what it means?[...]

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How The Gop Defines Its FB Image

“This page is reserved for WA State Republicans to openly discuss WA State GOP politics. It is not good practice to defame or overly bash GOP members or declared GOP candidates for Local, State and Federal Office. We expect proper decorum and courtesy here, if you cant abide by those rules the[...]

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Get to Eat Dinner with Trump’s Best Wealthy Friends

Today’s Email from the Donald Yeh, Bill Clinton and Barack used this gimmick too. BUT, they invited the winner to eat with a a small group around a table.  Sadly I never won. The Donald is a lot more clever.  He wants to raffle off a chance to eat with wealthy donors at some $5000 […][...]

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Brady Walkinshaw: “The choice is between symbolism and pragmatism, national issues versus issues rooted in Seattle. “

Neither Sanders nor Jayapal is highlighting the visit as promoting votes for Hillary or, for that matter, Democrats in the critical races for control of Washington’s legislature or the Congress. Bernie Sanders is here  campaigning in a race between two progressives … one a strong supp[...]