The NFL Begins: Is Your TV Big Enough?

NFL 50s flat swift family

The Swift Family Gets Their New TV

Jason Gay at the Wall Street Journal writes about the NFL and large screen TVs ….” May we interrupt the non-stop coverage of beach badminton, speed chess and robotic bullfrog racing in this space to bring attention to a niche but deserving sport in America:  Professional tackle football.

…. . Schoolchildren in this country return to classrooms
expected to have completed three assignments: they must know the Pledge of Allegiance, they must pretend they read “The Great Gatsby,” and, most important, they must have their picks and a complete breakdown for the NFC West.”

As for me .. most of the time I find the NFL someplace between elegant, racist and just damn boring.

The elegance  come in the amazing talent of the athletes.  At best it rivals male ballet. Aside from muscle, how does a great quarterback figure out a play in the microseconds before he gets quiched by a couple of 500 pound Sumo wrestlers?
The racism comes from the spectacle of black athletes dominating a sport and being touted like their Nubian ancesters (as well some healthy Thracians) fighting to the death before the (white) Romans.

Boring?   Listening to my own family members proudly celebrate THEIR teams … as if the Patriots or the Seahawks gave a damn of about the folks paying their exorbitant salaries. How can I listen to the  pretense that this is any different than Donald Trump running for President?



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