What is a CWL?

CWL is a condescending white liberal.  

Michael MooreCWL stands for Condescending  White Liberals .. left wing people who celebrate their morality by telling other of less privilege how to live.

Among other marks of the CWL are

  • categorizing others as “white” vs. “of color.”  This implies that white folks should not have pride in their “race” while accepting the very idea that humans can be defined by race.
  • within this POC meme,  dividing others as POC and white based on political and etnic criteria as in Palestinians are POC but Jews are “white.”
  • defending the affluence oif their own class, while not defending the legitimate needs of poor folks who are  white .. eg the typical rural red neck or coal miner.
  • defining how children should be educated in public schools while sending their kids to private schools are moving to areas where the SWL can control the schools.
  • equating all religions as equal as in terms like “Judeo-Christianity”  or tolerance for xenophobic religious teachings in Islam.




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