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BUCHENWALD 126: Black Lives Matter

Ken Waltzer added 4 new photos. Intersectionality this! African American soldiers in the 183rd Combat Engineers battalion were at Buchenwald a few days after liberation seventy-one years ago. William A. Scott, Reconnaissance Sergeant, from Morehouse College, the son of the founder of the Atlanta Wor[...]

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UW cuts teaching history, philosophy, anthropology, political science, geography, and sociology

 Setting aside the lack of publicized enrollment data, the rationale for cutting TA positions is rooted in the university’s market-based, neoliberal budgeting model. Rod Palmquist, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Geography The College of Arts and Sciences is facing a long-term budget shortfall of $1[...]

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The Lies Behind Brexit

David Brewster This lament by Roger Cohen for the loss of the dream of a peaceful and aspirational Europe is heart-rending. And his indignation for the lies and tactics of those who brought about Brexit is bracing. “Sure, the challenges mounted,” Cohen writes about the EU. “The 30-[...]

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THE-Ave Predicts