The Lies Behind Brexit

This lament by Roger Cohen for the loss of the dream of a peaceful and aspirational Europe is heart-rending.

And his indignation for the lies and tactics of those who brought about Brexit is bracing. “Sure, the challenges mounted,” Cohen writes about the EU. “The 30-year postwar economic miracle ended — and with it full employment. The Franco-German balance at the heart of the union collapsed. German dominance stirred unease. The creation of a single currency, the euro, was bungled. The admission of former Communist states spurred large migrant movements. The European welfare state was strained. Resentments multiplied.

“Technology accelerated globalization, pulling hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in Asia but also offshoring millions of European jobs. Societies disaggregated. For each City honcho getting a daily Christmas delivery from Amazon Prime there was some poor sod out there in Nowheresville working a precarious warehouse night shift packaging stuff.

“Britain, too, now has its “flyover country,” a nationalist heartland distant from the metropolis. This is how globalization divides the world.”

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