DAVID PRESTON: The Battle for Fallujah: Herosim of Iraquis

David Preston
 These guys have the courage of despair, like the Russkies at Stalingrad. You could say: Oh, they’re just fighting cuz they have to, that doesn’t take courage. –But it still does, you see, because these guys can’t call in airstrikes or get medivacked when they go down. And they’re not getting no ticker tape parades nor no hero medals when they’re done, either.

The reward for winning ain’t a hell of a lot better than the penalty for quitting, even if that penalty is death. But still they fight. To the death. And to think they’re fighting a war that they didn’t even get themselves into but someone ELSE got them into and now they gotta fight their way out all on their own.
Yeah the last batch weren’t so brave, but I guess those ISIS guys made men of ’em or scared Allah into ’em or something, cuz they sure fightin now, boy. They sure fightin now.

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