Bathrooms as a civil right?

Civil Rights Gender BathroomKevin Johnson FACEBOOK
But President Obama, in my opinion, did attempt to genuinely improve life for Americans, and did! But like most Africans in America, he forgot that Africans in America MAKE UP 12% of the citizen population as matter of birth and thereby law, however with the many years of racism and with that disenfranchisement through penal codes that, effectively, strips that population of citizens of their birth right, making 9% the factual  numerical reference of Africans in America, compared with 80% of the remainder population of Europeans in America! So, math tells us that Africans in America DO NOT POSSESS THE MEANS TO THEIR RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION AND THEREBY CANNOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE WHEN THE ATROCITIES OF PRETENTIOUS SINCERE CRITIQUE IS NOT: GENUINE OR FAIR STANDARDS BEING APPLIED BY THE EUROPEAN IN America WHEN IT IS THE CRITIQUE OF ANY AFRICAN IN America! The worst form a government can take is not fascism nor even a dictatorship, rather it is Racism!!!!

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