Oklahoma Republicans panhandle for Obamacare money

Screen-Shot-20f14-05-01-at-1-22-20-PMOklahoma’s Republican politicians hate Obamacare almost as much as they hate abortion. But now that their Republican-austerity budget is blowing up in their faces, look who’s begging for Obamacare money:

“Despite bitter resistance in Oklahoma for years to President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, Republican leaders in this conservative state are now confronting something that alarms them even more: a huge $1.3 billion hole in the budget that threatens to do widespread damage to the state’s health care system. So, in what would be the grandest about-face among rightward leaning states, Oklahoma is now moving toward a plan to expand its Medicaid program to bring in billions of federal dollars from Obama’s new health care system. What’s more, GOP leaders are considering a tax hike to cover the state’s share of the costs.”

(Read story here.) Of course, Oklahoma’s voters could have avoided this problem by not electing these Republican buffoons in the first place. By the way, doesn’t their tax hike proposal violate some sort of pledge that Republican politicians are expected to sign?

Photo: The Oklahoma Capitol’s Satan statue

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