When Support for The Palestinans Unveils as Antisemitism

Chinazor ico 1hinazor Onianwah 
And what else is going on in the rest of the world? Aha! 500 Jewish lobbyist organizations are now choking members of the US Congress demanding an increase of guaranteed US aid to Israel from a paltry $3bn per year to a reasonable $10bn per year for 10 years. The current $3bn yearly aid expires in 2017. Israel is not a poor country.
(This is ed)  is a form of usury where you extort money from somebody to bribe that somebody so you can continue to extort money from them. If you remember Shylock from Shakespeare, imagine him with a nuclear bomb, the control of the US media, Hollywood, and the US Congress. Yeah! That Shylock.

So you know Netanyahu is hoping Donald Trump wins the election so Israel gets what she wants – occupy the THE WHITE HO– USE, US CONGRESS AND THE SUPREME COURT. And then commit America to a proxy war attacking every Arab country and destabilizing them so that Israel can remain the promised land for Jews forever. Meanwhile America crumbles spending money on war veterans and security to stave off Arab terrorists. And of course the Palestinians disappear from the face of the planet. That is the Jewish agenda in a nutshell.
So who wants to be Jewish?

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  1. theaveeditor #

    There is so much wrong here.

    1. Racism

    Chinazor is a racist and is obsessed with the idea that Jews and Arabs are “races.” Aside from the racist reference to Shylock, he also demeans the Israeli Arabs.

    Using Shylock as a racial paradigm for Jews is worth of Goebells or the KKK.

    Not recognizing that Jews and Arabs are gentic cousins is another form of racism. enetically, Jews and Arabs are pretty much the same.

    2. Where did the Palestinians go?

    Until 48, the ONLY peope who called themselves Palestinians were Jews in Palestine. Arabs in Palestine identified by their tribe or as Syrian or Egyptian.

    In 48, Israel declared independence and the Arabs invaded. The Muslim leaders warned Arabs to flee and many did. Others were afraid of the Israelis and fled. And yes Israel took advantage and intentional frightened some Arabs to leave, especially ins strategist place.

    After 67, Nasser hired Arafat am Egytian citizen, to create Palestinian idenitty movement.

    Today there are about 5 million poepel who identify, as Palestinian.

    3. Israeli Arabs ARE Israeli citizens

    Those Arabs who chose to remain in Israel in 48 were granted full citizenship. About 20% of Israelis today are Arabs. Many of these call themselves Palestinians just as Chinazor .. a Nigerian-American identified as Nigerian. One can be an Israeli and be a Palestinian.

    4. Pro semitism and antisemitism

    Israel was built on the idea that Arabs and Jews were cousins and could live side by side in a Jewish state or in Arab states.

    There never was any perception by the Zionists that we are a race. In fact the imperative was to find a way for semites, Jews and Arabs, to live side by side.

    5. What happened ot the refugees who fled Israel?

    The Arabs east of the Jordan and south of Lake Kinneret either remained in Israel and became Israeli citizens or they were invaded by Transjordan or Egypt. Those countries refused to grant citizenship. Others fled and were placed in refugee camps in Lenanon, Syria, Transjordan , or the West Bank then the occupied (by Transjordan).
    Stephen Schwartz

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