Black Lives Matter: Guilt vs Responsibility

Black Lives Matter 1BLM totters on the edge of two bad things … white guilt and self pity.

Guilt is a lousy replacement for responsibility.

White guilt remains a source of racism not only among Southern red necks but among condescending whites, especially in communities like Seattle where the white majority has resolved its guilt by driving African Americans out of the Central District.  And, of course, we segregated (re-segregated) the schools.

Black self pity is an equally  bad idea.  Blaming cops for cop on black violence does not address the very real problems of a lack of development of Black-owned business or the plague of drugs and guns.  Why don’t we see more celebration of success of Black business people or academics?  Is it a good thing to celebrate only the Michael Jordan?  He is awesome but how using a real world superman as a role model for mere humans is a good way to make super enemies the price of black success .

Of course preaching to the Black community is not my job.  As a Jew, I am not white or black. Though I have been called a honkey and a nigger by various people. liberal folks  call me white.  OK, then I feel free to comment on how condescending white liberal Opel deal with black  people.

What I note in the white liberal  communitt is an effort to Hihg School chicagoreplace action with celebration of guilt.   Here is an example. A charter school in Chicago has achieved what is unimaginable in Seattle .. every kid got into college.  This is not an isolated event in Chicago.  Charter schools run by African American activists are doing well.  Meanwhile here in Seattle, our 100% white Seattle School Board and the teachers’ union see it as their responsibility to help black kids.  How many of these good white folks “know” what is best?

Perhaps worse is the way white liberals seem unable to turn to the African American community  for leadership.   5 decades after civil rights, a lot of talent has developed in the Black community.  Despite that, I note that the only Black face to play a prominent role in this year’s elections was Ben Carson.  The left, despite its love of Black folk, seems not to understand the immense talent honed in the fights of African Americans.   Am I the only one to note that the front line of liberal news, MSNBC features 5 nightly hours with no Black hosts?

I1As for Seattle, the white liberals worked hard to created a “people of color” Congressional district.  This effectively gerrymandered the Central District, making African Americans a tiny part of a community where Somali, Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Vietnamese, and Hindu tanish faces overwhelm what was once a strong Black vote.

Anyone  who can find a significant Black candidate for Congress here in this oh so nice blue state, please report that to me. 



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