Mike James on our political season

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Some Tuesday questions – –

Why can’t I watch more than 2-3 minutes of a Ted Cruz lecture (that’s what they are, not speeches that reach out to us, but mannered instructions on how we must think) without wanting to walk away – or throw something?

Why does Bernie address his emails to me with “Brothers and Sisters,” and end them “In solidarity” – are we part of some commune?

How is it that 3 people with astronomically high negatives – somewhere between 60-85% of voters say they can’t imagine themselves voting for Trump, Cruz, or Clinton – are the leading candidates for the presidency of the United States?

Why does media – CNN may be the worst – treat this election like a never-ending prizefight?
“This election isn’t being covered so much as marketed, by news organizations whose desperation for eyeballs has turned many of them into drama queens.”
– Frank Bruni, NYT

With campaigns that last not months, but years, is there ever time to simply govern? To seriously do something about immigration, infrastructure, climate, jobs, racism, education, etc. etc. – instead of focus-grouped speeches and endless e-mails begging for $$$$$?

Quoting Bruni again re what it’s all becoming:

“….a soul-draining, throat-ravaging turnoff……”

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