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Tom Corbett Comes Back!

SpaceX lands a rocket on a drone ship SpaceX lands a rocket on a drone ship Posted by TechCrunch on Friday, April 8, 2016[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Ted Cruz Chosen by God

Ted Cruz’s Father: Ted Has Been ‘Called and Anointed’ by God to Be the Next President (Video) Televangelist Kenneth Copeland laid hands upon Rafael Cruz after his fantastical declaration.[...]

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Fair Use Doctrine and William Quick

I just received a vituperative phone call from William Quick. He used several obscenities to yell at me because I used a picture from his website, a picture of my sister Stephanie,  to illustrate a story about his wife’s actions to destroy my father’s heritage from Buchenwald. He thr[...]

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Buchenwald 108: William Quick attacks my father again.

  ‎From Facebook: Bill Quick‎ to Ken Waltzer Ken Waltzer — it’s a shame that Stephen Schwartz is constantly posting half-truths and misstatements about his father and about his father’s putative role at Buchenwald both on his own blog and on Facebook. For starters, ther[...]

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Buchenwald 107: words from the nephew of a survivor

Joe Lockard  FACEBOOK My uncle George was a forward artillery spotter in the 89th Division. He was an intensely intellectual man who spoke seven languages, including German, a couple European languages, and Arabic (the army at first sent him to Princeton to study the latter). When George was assign[...]

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Sunday Revelations

VIDEO: Dallas Pastor says Islam is of Satan Sunday service at First Baptist Dallas was full and people were ready to worship God and hear the message Pastor Robert Jeffress prepared to preach but it wasn’t your typical “mega-church” sermon. … LIBERTYCANNONMEDIA.COM[...]

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CHINA needs to indoctrinate boys with the manly virtues!

In Zhengzhou, a city on the Yellow River, schools have asked boys to sign pledges to act like “real men.” In Shanghai, principals are trying boys-only classes with courses like martial arts, computer repair and physics. In Hangzhou, in eastern China, educators have started a summer camp called W[...]