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Is The UW Now Banned From Interactions with UNC?

Gov. Jay Inslee wrote a memo last week prohibiting non-essential state-funded travel to North Carolina:  “Our nation is rightfully moving toward increased acceptance and celebration of diversity. The discriminatory policies being promoted by North Carolina is not something our state condones or [...]

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Ted Cruz Loves His Father

I love my father. He is a pastor. He is a man of deep integrity. And he made a joke.” – Sen. Ted Cruz from MSNBC The “joke” the Texas Republican and recently-announced 2016 presidential candidate was referring to was a comment that his father, Rafael Cruz, made about President Obama that sma[...]

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Bernie needed to do somethng before running: Part 2 .. getting his tax returns in order!

“Four Pinocchios. And it’s not just Sanders. Among the 2016 presidential candidates who have released their tax returns, only Clinton, Bush and Carly Fiorina have released their full federal returns beyond the Form 1040.” Bernie Sanders’s false claim that he has released his full fed[...]

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Bernie Needed to Do Some Learning Before Running: Part 1

Sanders demonstrates extreme ignorance of the banking industry and relevant regulatory scheme Bernie Sanders visited the New York Daily News a few days ago and was interviewed by their editorial board.  The entire [very long] transcript is here.  Of… M.DAILYKOS.COM[...]

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That Balcony

Charlie James  I was 17 that spring and a Junior in High school and the leader of the Black students at the predominantly white Niles High School in Niles Michigan that was also racist to the core. One night of rioting we almost destroyed the entire downtown of this city. I have never been asked b[...]

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President Romney: Celebrating his predecessor’s religion.

  Obama in Crash Three-Day Conversion Program to Become a Jew President Romney expressed his disappointment today at earning that Barack Obama has cleared his schedule for a crash three-day conversion course to join the Jewish People. After a Monday Mikvah dip, Obama will join Mr. Romney for the an[...]