NEVER AGAIN! .. 105 Years Later, Remember Why We Have Unions


How is this different from a shirt plant in Bangladesh, an iPAD assembly plant n Chin, or an Amazon fulfillment sender in Arizona?


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  1. Cecil #

    Unions have outlived their beneficent beginning and have become arbiters of a repressive government agency bent on taking away a person’s right to chose.

  2. theaveeditor #

    I have a one word answer .China/

  3. Roger Froikin #

    I favor Unions. There needs to be a balance between big business and labor. Today, that balance in the private sector is missing and unions in the private sector have become political surrogates collecting money for their union leadership and their political favorites rather than effectively serving their members. Just look at Disney and you’ll see what amounts to sweatshop treatment of employees whose unions ignore them. On the Government side, unions are strong and powerful – in violation of the advice of President Roosevelt who thought unions for federal employees would be a grave error.

  4. theaveeditor #


    I support non government unions too. The quesiton is why are they dying> Why isn’t Costco or Msoft organized?

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