Why Obama’s right and GOP isn’t about Iran

Many reasons, including this one:

“Partial results released Sunday indicate that Iranian reformists will win all 30 parliamentary seats in Tehran, handing hard-liners an embarrassing defeat in the first elections held since last year’s nuclear deal. The deal is expected to bolster moderate allies of President Hassan Rouhani, who championed it in the face of hard-line opposition.”

Sure beats fighting a war, especially from the viewpoint of people who would die in it. (Read story here.) BSC_4670Now the question is, will America follow suit and elect a moderate, or a saber-waving demagogue, as its next leader? The world is waiting to find out.

Photo: Tehran’s voters are moving the country toward moderation. In Iran, as elsewhere, the hardcore religious conservatives who want to fight with everybody are sprinkled across the hinterlands.

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