Buchenwald 104: Denial of slavery, Syria and the Shoah

Polish move to strip Holocaust expert of award sparks protests.  Princeton University professor Jan Tomasz Gross faces losing Order of Merit over comments Polish villagers were complicit in massacre of Jews THE GUARDIAN.COM|BY ALEX DUVAL SMITH

It is All to Easy to deny Responsibility

The importance of my father’s story is not just about him, it is about resisting the effort to turn personal stories of horror into sterile history .. words in books that allow our descendants to deny their responsibility for what happened or take pride in our predecessors who fought for what was right.
This is the same issue facing African GOP Uncle TomAmericans.  Look at how easily the right has turned the history of slavery into something in the past.  The GOP meme is “get over it!”

The same convenient Refugees Syria Europe icodistortion of memory afflicts today’s Europeans, Americans, Turks  and Arabs .. all of whom, all of us,  want to deny OUR historic complicity in  the colonialism that underlies the plight of the Syrian people today.Poland’s behavior is much like that of my brother Hugh who wants to allow my Dad’s pictures to rot.  Hugh does not see himself as complicit, after all what has he done that is wrong? The right wing government of Poland is even trying to destroy the heroic heritage of Lech Walesa.  If Poland can forget Walesa, how much easier is it for the grandchildren and great grandchildren of my father to forget his heroism in liberating Buchenwald?

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