BREAKING — Pope declares Trump a non-Christian

4x3_trump-vs-popeIt’s official: GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump “is not a Christian.” The Pope said so, and the Pope has the final word in Church matters. Of course, Trump will retort the Pope has no authority over him because he’s a Protestant (Presbyterian, to be exact), and he doesn’t give a damn because the Pope can’t tell Catholic voters how to vote. Who the hell listens to the Pope? After all, the Church orders Catholics to not use birth control or get abortions, but millions of them do it            Photo: Give it up, Fran; the Devil owns him.            anyway. So why would anyone think the Pope can control Catholic voting behavior? And if this dispute turns ugly, and it sort of already has, Trump can always rub the Pope’s face in the fact the Church played footsie with Hitler, therefore the Church is in no position to whine about demagogues. And Trump isn’t proposing to exterminate immigrants; he merely wants to throw them out of the USA. Read the story here.


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