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Samantha Bee on the Scalia Epic


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Bernie vs Hillary

The horrid choices on the right make this an almost pleasant topic Some of the Bernie crusaders are taking a page from the Ted Cruz campaign, demonizing their opponent. Aside from  feeling the Bern, the main Sandista arguments seem to  there is too much animus toward Hillary for her to win  b[...]

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Graph of Oil Production Costs

Oil comes from many sources — onshore oilfields like those in the Middle East and Texas, offshore and deepsea wells such as those operating in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico, arctic drilling in Alaska, Canada’s tar sands, etc. Production costs vary greatly, depending on the difficulty [...]

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What Will Become of Public-Sector Unions Now?

Post Scalia Before Scalia Who Succeeds Scalia?[...]

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Oil Wars: Will the OPEC Cartel Crumble?

Saudi, Russian, Qatari and Venezuelan oil barons agreed on Tuesday to freeze output levels if others producers agree. The goal is for the oil cartel, OPEC, to stop the  oversupply of crude and let the oil barons recover from the low prices. The deal would include OPEC members and nin members, [...]

February 16th, 2016 - 9:24 am § in The Ave Scene

Nikki Haley on Unions:  “”They’re coming into South Carolina. They’re trying. We’re hearing it. The good news is it’s not working.”

“You’ve heard me say many times I wear heels. It’s not for a fashion statement,” she said. “It’s because we’re kicking them every day, and we’ll continue to kick them.” USA Today reports that  South Carolina’s Gov. Nikki Haley says compani[...]

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Obama, Oil, and Africa

Chinazor Onianwah Why did it take Barack Obama, China’s economic downturn to jumpstart economic relations with Africa. He spent his first term in office berating Africa rather than doing business with Africa. If he had focused on that, many African Americans would have benefitted by either gai[...]

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Is Rubio competing with Cruz for the Canadian vote?

Vancouver skyline featured in Marco Rubio’s ‘Morning again in America’ campaign ad[...]

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Black Lives Matter But This Is Hypocrisy

So Seattle’s Central District, the home of Quincy Jones, the Garfield Jazz Band, and Jimi Hendrix, will soon be as white as Johannesburg. Once Jewish, then solidly black, this great neighborhood is now less than 20% African American and even elected a Hindu woman, a radical socialist, over a h[...]