Bernie vs Hillary

Pander BearThe horrid choices on the right make this an almost pleasant topic

Some of the Bernie crusaders are taking a page from the Ted Cruz campaign, demonizing their opponent.

Aside from  feeling the Bern, the main Sandista arguments seem to!1  there is too much animus toward Hillary for her to win  because of her relationship to Bill.  I do have concerns about Hilary, she is  married to him , but she is not him.

I think she is the brighter and more driven of the two.  After a stint as  first lady career, especially in the Senate and with Obama, Mrs. Clinton showed statesmanship and ability to get things done, often quietly.    But, she made some bad decisions too, especially her choice of  Mark Penn as a campaign adviser in her Presidential campaign.  Penn may have made Obama inevitable and he did real harm at Microsoft.

I also worry that she is too willing to pander, whether that is to the Yorick politicsunions that effed up her version of Obamacare or to  Wall Street.  Of course pandering is necessary for any real politician  (Bernie who may not know how to pander) but  the failure with Hillarycare reflected a very bad choice of Ira Magaziner as her healthcare advisor. Magaziner now serves in a leadership capacity for two of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation‘s international development initiatives, which are at the forefront of non-governmental organizations in addressing Global Health and Environmental issues.


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