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During a cabinet meeting on Sunday, Netanyahu said he would promote the bill that  would require 90 votes in order to expel Knesset members for “unseemly behaviour”. Netanyahu announces bill to remove lawmakers from Knesset over visits to relatives of alleged Palestinian attackers. Patr[...]

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Now watch CNN demolish Ted Cruz!

It started with Cruz’s campaign leaking a false rumor ahead of the Iowa caucuses that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race. Caught red-handed, Cruz apologized to Carson during yesterday’s GOP debate — and blamed it on CNN. Then CNN went on the air to call Cruz a liar. The video [...]

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Pass the popcorn! Watch Christie demolish Marco Robot!


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Mass confusion at GOP debate

At least these guys weren’t flying F-16s when they collided.[...]

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Is Rubio a robot?


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BREAKING NEWS: The Cruzade Falters in New Hampshire Snow

Poll: CRUZ COLLAPSES, Rubes Surging, Donald On Top In N.H.   Support for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in New Hampshire has collapsed precipitously, according to a Suffolk/Boston Globe poll released Friday which showed him falling from second place to fifth place in the state.[...]

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Summertime is Coming


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Mayor Murry Studies Lithuanian Approach to Bike Lanes

Lithuanian mayor drives tank over car illegally parked in the bike lane The mayor said: “I’ve had enough of these drivers parking their luxury cars on bike lanes and pedestrian crossings.[...]

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Did Ted Cruz say ” we have a n—– in the White House”?

Is this real? SNOPES suggests it is not and that the source is satitical.   However. I note that if it is not Cruz, someone sure does a great impersonation of him.  Faking audio is a lot more difficult than faking an image with Photoshop. Also, it is surprising that SNOPES says nothing about a[...]