Racist cops arrest school cleaning lady

From Collegedale, Tennessee, comes this bizarre story of police work gone awry. Two cops patrolling past a school building at 8:15 pm noticed an open door, so they stopped to investigate. Upon entering the building, they spotted a trash can and cleaning supplies outside a rest room and “briefly discussed the potential presence of the school’s janitorial staff.”  So far, so good.

But “that’s when they saw Juana Raymundo, 36, wearing her ‘ABM’ company t-shirt.” (I assume ABM stands for American Building Maintenance, or something like that.)

9776667_G (1)They demanded, in English of course, that she identify herself. But not understanding English, and spooked by the cops’ drawn guns, she took off down the hallway. The cops gave pursuit, tasered and arrested her, and hauled her off to jail. Does anyone reading this believe they would have done that to a white guy? Read story here.

Photo: The suspect’s mugshot

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