SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Pope Francis’ Philo-judaism Has Ancient Limits

 The Catholic Church CANNOT recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

Hadar Israel  הדר ישראל posted on FACEBOOK “Doing so would contradict the FOUNDATIONS of Xtian, and in particular Catholic, theology, by recognizing that Go-d’s Covenant with the People of Israel was never replaced by a ברית חדשה, A.K.A. “New Covenant”, A.K.A. “New Testament”, and that JEWISH SOVEREIGNTY, the same sovereignty the Mohammedans REF– USE to accept, is restored. ”

“The Pope, actually, did not even MENTION Israel in his speech in the Rome synagogue; JUST AS the pope between 1939-’45 NEVER MENTIONED THE WORD JEWS EVEN ONCE in any official speech!”

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  1. Cecil #

    Of course they can’t as God’s Vicar on earth the big Papa would make himself a liar by recognizing the Jewish state , That would mean they have a right to exist while thee Catholic tenet is that they murdered the Messiah.