Hypocrisy: When Africans or African Americans celebate Black pride that is great, but when they demonize non blacks for their skin color, that is racism!

There is no better example of the “pot calling the kettle black” than Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam and fake “minister, accusing GOP presidential candidate Donald…

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  1. Gennette Cordova #

    “…Liberals/Illiberals follow a “herd mentality” when it comes to issues. Individuals, such as Farrakhan, do the thinking, set the rhetoric and tone, and liberals/illiberals pick it up then regurgitate it almost word for word… Conservatives, on the other hand, will engage in critical thinking — examining what is said, what is left unsaid, who has said it, question its lawfulness, and determine whether the stance or statement can be supported or not.” I don’t hold Farrakhan in very high regard, at all, but this article is absurd. No piece of “journalism” this lacking in objectivity deserves to be taken seriously.

  2. theaveeditor #


    Sorry but I think you are being simplistic. Of course there are simplistic folks ..,”liberals” and “conservatives” and, yes, such folks form the crowd we see .. following Trump or our own Sawant.

    BUT .. the line between a crowd of enthusiasts and a dangerous kob is a thin one. Trump and Sawant .. they can both do a huge amount of harm.

    Farrakahn is similar, except for two things. Condescending liberals, celebrate him, saying that there can not be black racism because blacks do not have power. Like you, I too think that some of Farrakhan’s message .. that of self reliance in the Black community .. is great. The same,. sadly could be sad of the Nazi message that Germany need ot escape the false shame for WWI. Even more sadly is the message from Israel’s settler movement where antisemitic racism has becoime an excuse fir anti arab racism.

    My bottom line is that tacism is WRONG.