“In January 2009, a pro-Israel demonstration in Malmö was attacked by Arabs who were shouting ‘f-ing Jews.’ The police could not protect the pro-Israel demonstrators from the eggs and the bottles being thrown at them. The event had to be temporarily stopped when the Arabs began to shoot fireworks at the pro-Israel demonstrators. In 2010, for the first time – but not the last – the synagogue in Malmö was attacked. The same year, the Simon Wiesenthal Center began warning Jews to not visit Malmö, ‘due to harassment of Jewish citizens.’ Today, Malmö is a city well known for anti-Semitism and characterized by it. Jews in Malmö cannot publicly show that they are Jews without being subjected to harassment. Many Jewish families, there for centuries, have fled.” -Nima Gholam Ali Pour (“A Smorgasbord of Swedish Anti-Semitism”)

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